Driving Into the Future with Tesla


Unless you live under a rock, you will have heard about electric car manufacturer and clean energy development company, Tesla. Even if you don’t know much about the organisation itself, you will surely have come across its figurehead, Elon Musk.

Known for co-developing worldwide online payment system PayPal and, more recently, exploring space travel through his company SpaceX, Musk has built a substantial following through his Twitter presence. He takes a seemingly hands-on approach to the work going on at Tesla and likes to keep fans updated in real time – a modern attitude for a hyper-modern business.

We have become used to accessing most goods and services online, ranging from TV and film streaming services like Netflix, to online gaming platforms like Poker Casino, shopping outlets like Amazon and online money management like PayPal, Monzo and Skrill. As one of the key figures in this switch to online service provision, Musk is well situated to push the envelope further and explore even more options outside of the everyday norm. One way he does this is with Tesla’s electric vehicles. Outside of the cult of celebrity that has built up around him, however, what exactly sets Tesla cars apart from the competition? And why is it worth considering investing in one?

Electric Vehicle Technology

Tesla was initially founded as a joint car manufacturer and technology company, so it is impossible to separate one aspect of the business from the other. Over the years, they have honed their craft, first of all developing premium electric sports car models before moving on to more practical family and urban vehicles. Nowadays, they have become a byword for high quality, efficient, practical electric automobiles of all kinds. Never ones to shy away from innovation and often happy to court controversy, Tesla have presented ideas as diverse as the Roadster two-seater sports car and the futuristic looking Cybertruck. At the core of all these ideas is the impressive battery power of Tesla automotive technology. The first automaker to invest significantly in lithium-ion batteries for commercial automobiles, they have a firm focus on practicality, efficiency and recycling, as well as economics. They are also famous for their significant efforts around ‘Autopilot’ driver assistance systems and full self driving features in commercial vehicles, readying consumers for the inevitable switch to driverless cars in the near future. Tesla currently offer the longest range battery powered electric vehicles in the world, with the Model S Long Range Plus able to complete 402 miles on a single charge.

New Models to Buy

Current Tesla cars available to buy new include the Model S, a five door sedan, the Model X, a mid-sized SUV, the Model 3, a four door sedan, and the Model Y, a compact CUV. Availability and price depend on where you are buying from and shipping to but, in a general sense, the Model 3 and Model Y are more affordable options whereas the Model S and Model X come with premium price tags. Using the basic features as a buying guide, the Model 3 should suit those looking for a standard saloon car, albeit one that is significantly more spacious than the average. In contrast to the Model 3’s relative affordability, the Model S packs more of a punch with luxury features and a much longer battery life; it functions like a crossover between roomy saloon and nippy sports car. The Model X will appeal to the flashier customer as it comes with ‘falcon wing’ rear doors and SUV capabilities, whereas the much anticipated Model Y aims to straddle every category and offer the ideal all-rounder. Although some may be put off by the high prices, Teslas are an investment product and should stand you in good stead for the future as electric transportation becomes the norm.

Further Innovation

Beyond the development of road cars and long haul vehicles (see the Tesla Semi), Musk and by extension Tesla are involved in projects like The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop. This planned underground driving loop hopes to cut down on traffic and travel time in one of the busiest entertainment centres in the world. Running from the vitally important Las Vegas Convention Centre to three key destinations in the city – McCarran Airport, Allegiant Stadium and Downtown – the Vegas Loop is essentially an underground public transportation system where transport takes the form of Tesla cars. Otherwise known as ‘Teslas in Tunnels’! Faster travel speeds, greater safety measures and enormous passenger capacity (51, 000 passengers per hour) makes this an attractive option for many regular commuters and visitors to the busy streets of Sin City. Other large cosmopolitan areas across the globe will be keeping a keen eye on the innovative new travel plan, with designs on perhaps bringing a similar idea to other busy city centres that would benefit from increased public transport capacity, reduced overcrowding and less traffic jams.

Current Tesla

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