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The Formula 1

Racing drivers are not only enthusiastic about fast cars professionally but also privately. The best example of this is the stars of the Formula 1 racing series. They also have the change to be able to afford every spectacular car. Some of them even collect the most expensive cars in the world and add coveted vintage cars to their collections. Series world champion Lewis Hamilton is the fastest man in Formula 1. He is one of the best-paid athletes in the world. In the past, he invested a lot of money in his extensive vehicle fleet.

That contained countless dream cars that ordinary people can only dream. Hamilton owned a McLaren P1 and a Ferrari LaFerrari. Besides, the Briton also collected numerous cars from his employers. These include a Mercedes-Maybach S600, a Mercedes-Benz SLS Black Series and a Mercedes-AMG GR R. A 427 Shelby Cobra, the Shelby GT500 and a Pagani Zonda 760 LH completed his huge fleet on legendary sports cars. But recently Lewis Hamilton changed his mind. As he announced, he parted with his collection. Hamilton wanted to make a small contribution to environmental protection and set an example. After all, he doesn’t need that many cars.

The Right Car For Every Occasion

His former rival Sebastian Vettel from Germany, on the other hand, appreciates variety in his fleet. That includes not only great racing cars but also cars for everyday use. As a long-time Ferrari driver, he naturally also owns vehicles of this brand. These include a Ferrari 488 GTB, a Ferrari California and a Ferrari F40. He even had a very prominent previous owner with the Italian opera legend Luciano Pavarotti before Vettel bought the car. The Formula 1 star also has an Infiniti FX, of course in the Vettel edition. In his everyday life, the German likes to use a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, the Fiat 500 Oldtimer and the Fiat 500X. When he gets up to speed in his private life, the racing driver gets into a black Mercedes-AMG SL65 Black Series.

Ferrari And McLaren Dominate

But the colleagues from Hamilton and Vettel also indulge their passion for racing. The Ferrari and McLaren brands are also in great demand with them. Fernando Alonso relies entirely on Ferrari and uses his black LaFerrari. That has a V12 engine and brings 963 hp to the start. The Briton Jenson Button depends on the local quality and drives a McLaren P1, just like Kevin Magnussen. Kimi Raikkönen is no longer a Ferrari driver, but privately he still values ​​the cars of his former employer very much. He drives a Ferrari Enzo. That connects him with Felipe Massa. He was also in the service of the Italian racing team for a long time and privately enjoyed his LaFerrari. In this gallery of Formula 1 drivers, only one driver stands out. It is the man who last defeated world champion Lewis Hamilton in the fight for the world championship. The German Nico Rosberg lives in Monaco. He prefers to cope with the narrow streets of his home with an electric smart.

Ferrari And McLaren Dominate
Ferrari And McLaren Dominate

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